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Monday, March 28, 2005

Long time in the field...

Long time in the field, trying to reach my dreams...

Ya, its been literally months since I last wrote anything
But Listen...

I am fine. But, I don't think many folks were concerned! ;o)


I've been working, and the newest updates are (fantastic):

The biggest thing is the new VPS - Cool.

And as always...

Adventures Of... - Under
going newest changes, updates and more!

Tlk to me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ever wonder...

Ever wonder, how you can run a fairly sucessful web site,
helping - Oh - 10, 20, 30, 40 or more thousand people a month;

With your articles, and content - And people will ask you for help -
Like your the modern day saint.

Maybe a person or ten will want you to go to there house,
and teach them video editing?

Or if you can add special effects to their movie.

Folks will ask you for legal advice, and for more help then,
the single person that you are, could ever offer!

All while, you are not really even making a dime, with
christmas around the corner, no snow on the ground -

In canada.

A week or so back, I was working on my first product - A multimedia
enhanced ebook, that I wanted to sell -

With the hopes that, it can fund further product ventures I had planned.

Then... The computer died.

Can you beleive that? There I was working toward the betterment of my
future, and I take a nap.

I woke up to the "pop - Bang - Flash" of what I think was the computers
power supply failing.

Life threw a big one at me: "here, eat this - Beaaaacccchhhh!"

I was pretty stunned - I sat there, scratching my head and thinking
"damn - never expected that".

So currently, I am in this deep hole, where the plans I once had,
pretty much escaped like a bad case of gastrointestinal syndrome.

I have the urge to draw, to create video, and to record and edit sound.

I've had this urge for a few days now - One part is to finish the ebook -
Multimedia enhanced baby.

I'm annoyed. Whats a poor guy to do?

I don't need it tommorow, I needed it yesterday - and thats the problemo.

The Multimedia Adventures of a man...,
is turning into The complete hellish, problem
fixaided adventures of...

The invisiable man, if things don't start going right for me.