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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Tonight Is One of those nights, where a little happening,
makes you ponder the world, to get lost in thought - Like
I do a lot.

Ponder life, and all the nooks and crannies, the cracks,
and stairways, and the locked doors.

What happened to bring to this?

Well, I've been happy doing what I love, liiving life fairly freely,
and under my own terms - Sort of.

I went to the store to get some juice, just a mormal occurance,
but in the back alley, there was a girl - she was sick, crouched over,
and seemingly in pain -

I stopped, went up to her, and asked her "are you ok?", "whats a matter?"
she said "I am sick"...

So I went in, picked up my juice, and bought her some bottled water, went back
and there was a vulture standing over her. I gave her, her water, talked a bit
with the vulture smiling and saying "she might die", "she might die"...

Like he was excited, with a smile.

Personally, I want to analyze the situation before I try to scare away vultures,
standing over thier dying-ill-sick prey - My only concern was her, but vultures
abusing women make me angry, to the point where I could get violent - If needed.

Instead I just ignored him.
I asked if she was going to be ok, she said she was.

And I went home, pondering "how else can I help her"... I felt way
to worried, and I still am worried, about leaving her with the vulture.

I think she overdosed on some Narcotic - After talking to her for a few minutes,
I went home. Sat down and got to thinking about lifes little twists.

I felt she was not going to die, maybe only puke her guts out - But, I never told her that.

So I decided to walk back, call her a cab, and then take her to the emergancy ward,
and then while there, give her alittle money for lunch, and bus fare after she has healed
a little.

And to tell her, "you are not going to die, but now you have a few choices to make,
for your own life, your happiness, and your future - A few choices, only for you."

That was about 10 minutes later, I got there and she, and the vulture were gone.

Now, I just hope she is all right. Lots of people pass by there, all times of day -
So, what I hope is - Someone took her to the emergency ward -

The problem is, I do not like getting involved with other peoples life, to often.
But, this girl was young, but strong - and I wanted to help her, becouse I sensed, she
had other choices.

I like to let people make thier own choices, although I may say, or write - In such a way,
as to present something the represents a choice.

The Girl and the Vulture though, are one of these little life interactions, between
people, for no other reason but to stop, and to indirectly say, "the world cares for you",
"I care for you".

I wish I helped more. I pray, in my own way, that she is is ok.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Link to my Site - and - Make some Money

I started my first servce - It is rather interesting, and has what I consider
to be, a large amount of potentiol - Becouse, it is the person linking,
who makes full commissions - through thier affiliate program ID,
of Various High Paying Affiliate Programs!

The person would be stupid to not sign up, and put a special link,
in various places - Truth be Known - These, Mostly Pay Per click
Advertisements, are displayed, on 90 percent of my web sites pages -

You can link to almost any page, easily - By using the Anchored URL
at the Bottom of, again, almost every page.

Sign up, Get Affiliate IDs, Copy and paste man, that is how easy it is.

Link to my site - to Cash In

On A Side Note: Traffic

Since my personal Traffic Challenge Ended, I have been receiving a steady,
and I mean a very stready increase in visitors.

10 Days was not enough time - Let me explain, It takes at least a week
to catch a couple links into your site... The webmasters might be
busy, they might be away.

So a week or longer, is good timing practice for exchanging 2, mayne 3

It has been a short while ago, that my trafic challenge ended - and, I
am just now starting to get those visitors. Heres a graph that demostrates
what I mean:

Traffic Graph Increasing

Looking at the Graph, it shows a steady increase towards 500 visitors
a day. This is where the truth comes in, you cannot get a 1,000 visitors
a day - for free - in 10 days.

It will take 1 month, at least. Traffic is not Exponential like many
people think - It is Incermental.

Why? Becouse there exists zero probabilities, that visitors will always
click on a your link - that you will always get x amount of visitors
from one link, in a day.

The only thing you can depend on, is 1 visitor from the total of all your
incoming links.

I never used TrafficSwarm during the increase in traffic, that you saw in the above

But, I got a sweet idea - assuming the TrafficSwarm folks allow me to do this...

I am going to use the TrafficSwarm traffic generator to promote my "Link to my site - to Cash In..."

And that is the idea. I know your are hinking "Great Idea... But... Those people
Want traffic, they do not want to give Traffic, do they?"

Well, of course not. But, I have a plan. You see that whole 'cash_in' section
is dedicated to traffic - the more traffic they send me, the more money they will
make - especially, during my future code edits, and additions to the service.

I have this huge idea planned. Which I will let tell you about later on.

The whole point is - I am utilizing media - partially for traffic results - and
i'm gonna show you how big it can get.

till next time, have fun.

Friday, August 27, 2004

10 days to a Grand - Day 10

Day Ten, the last day.

The Challenge Is done. I never got close to the 1,000 visitors a day
that I planned - But to, I never got finished the code I was doing, for
extra visitor power:

"The Cash In on Linking to my site", is so you can
Make Money by Linking to me.

Its almost finished, just need to write some new code. I hope it flies,
becouse it is not every day that you can grab a link, and post it, and
make money through Pay per Click Adverts, on a site that is not even yours.

So far, you can login, grab links, set your affiliate IDs, and start linking to me.

The next thing to do is enable the embedded ID system, but, i have a plumber
coming today to fix the water heater - and - all my systems are moved away
from the wall - in a real disorganized fashion.

So i'll getting the payment stuff started, as soon as the guy is out of here.

Who know how long that will be, but... Hopefully soon.

Now... The Last day of Visitor Challenge, here are the stats, though
about 10 hours late:

Finished stats of the Visitor Challenge

As you can see, the visitation of my site, went up to abut 250 visitors a day,
When I was looking for 1,000 - (or at least 500 ) visitors per day.

I am half way to the 500, but not even close to the 1,000. But...

On the next visit of search engines, I have more links coming into the site -
From exchanging links, plus I have some important links - Going out.

I also have listings in more search engines. Mind you, that won't take effect for
4 months.

And... Now, you can link to almost every page on my site, and make cash
on PPC Ads. The more people you send, the more clicks you will get.

That shoul get me 1,000 visitros a day, becouse its easy money. Just sign-up,
provide some Affiliate IDs, grab a link from the bottom of the sites pages,
paste it some high voloume place, and get clicks.

Easy. Quick.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

10 to a 1000 Vistors - Day 8

Day 8, of the 10 days to a thousand visitor challenge.

I am failing - My visitors only went up a 100.

So, a recap:

On aug. 17 I began a quest, to achieve 1000 visitors a day in ten days -
From 100 visitors to 1000 visitors.

From the log on that post, I was only recieiving 103 visitors per day, on average.

On this day, the screen shot I took only a few minutes ago, I am only recieving
+100 visitors, to make it 200 visitors per day.

I actually worked a Blues festival this weekend, a ten hour a day ordial, so
I never really had much time to implement, the features I was going to implement.

So! The challenge is now, to get 800 more visitors a day, in 2 days. so, I will
implement one or two features tonight, and start to focus.

The rush is on...
Can he do it?

doubtful, but whatever...
The ten days are not up yet! 2 days left...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

And the 10 days to a 1000, challenge begins

A change of plan...

I was going to post site stats, every day for ten days - as it
would have documented my challenge nicely. But, I got into doing
other things; And, well...

This is Regarding the 100 to a thousand, Quest for visitors challenge -
The Post that documents the challenge, is 10 days to a 1000 - Vistor Challenge.

That post has all the Information about it.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Quest for Visitors - The challenge... 10 days to a thousand

A friend of mine, recently mailed to his list, stating I got 10,000 visitors per day. I never, ever said 10,000 per day, but, it was a mistake.

It seemed to me like a little challenge was offered, becouse I gather he is the one getting 10,000 hits a day. And well, probally just mixed up zeros.

I thought it was a huge deal, I was getting ready to bitch at him "hey! thats not true - I said per 10,000 / month!". Of course, if you ever watch anime ( Love Hina on winamp? ), the moral of the story is - If I can get the 10,000 visitors a day,
in the near future - Its still truthful.

You know the deal - Mistake or not, I just want it to be truthful.

I see it as my responsibility to make the that 10,000 a day true - But. I need a few months for that, so. I am going to do it incrementally - Algorithmicly.

Haidon is a good friend of mine, and in an odd sense, he is right. I should be getting that amount.

So heres the deal - Google was just re-indexing my site, over the last 5 to 6 days. So, perfect - That means I get a chance, to implement some stuff, before Google comes back.

And lord knows, I love a challenge.

So, first off - I'll be going for 1,000 visitors a day - I have about 10 days to do it.

The site was offline, for 2 months or so, which means, I lost some of my beautiful visitors, it went to down to 100
a day, from 300ish a day.

That means, I have to go from 100/day, to 1000/day. In this 10 days that I do have. Then after that, I have to jump a zero to 10,000/day. What I am talking about is not counting hits, or page views. But visitors...
Real, and lovely visitors.

Some Info:

- Sites Been offline from June 17/2004, to Aug 5/2004. Thats about 2 months, minus 12 days. 2 months that zero Search Engines, or Visitors could reach my site.

Here is the summary of my logs, Screen Shot taken just a few minutes ago, with the important information circled - You see it is ~100 visitors per day.

Summery of log File

The quest is to change that, to 1,000 per day - I start on Aug, 17 at Midnight. I will start a new log file, at midnight tonight, and that log file will only last 10 days, from the 17, to the 27 of Aug.

I say I will zip from a 100/day, to 1000/day - Not including Google, since google index my site before this
little challenge. This does Not include my page testing, or cache building,

And to show, none of my servers are in the log files, heres a screen shot of the crucial part of my Webserver Conf file - The Marked for Filtering out configuration:

Dont Log Webserver Configuration Screen Shot

As you can see, even some directories are marked for filtering from the log files.

And that conf file is for this host:

Virtual Host Configuration Screen Shot

I have about 20 minutes left, before my challenge begins. Every day, at midnight, I will post a blog message. With a screeshot, like the one above of the log stats for viewing. On the tenth day, you can view the log stats freely.

Two things can happen from this:

1) I can fly, and hit or surpass my goal.
2) I can fail miserably, lose a lot of visitors, and see in the number
crumble to a big fat 10/day.

Two is not an option as far as I am concerned - I aim to surpass my goal.

Will Ryan make the 1,000 visitors, from a 100 in 10 days?

What do you think he will happen?

Do you want to compete in the 1,000 to 10,000 in 20 days - visitor challenge?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The third traffic generator - recap

The third traffic gereator, I neglected to mention in my last entry,
was traffic-engine.net. What is interesting
about traffic-engine.net, is it is automated,
the pages automaticly change every 24 secons or so, and ou automaticly get credited
one point, for each site you view.

The automation seemingly last about 15 minutes, and then quits. You can generate
traffic to your site, while reading your morning email - and checking to see if there is an
interesting, or competitve site in the browser.

turns out a person cannot leave it auto runing for very long,
becouse of stupid pop-ups, and modal window crap.

Earlier today I was searching through Traffic Swarm, I wanted to see which sites were using the traffic generator, that would directly compete with me.

I found two competing sites, that I never heard of - It looks like they are brand new websites, and thus it means I gotta get creating.

I decided I want to post to my free Business World Safe List, every 2-3 days. Which
is totally new to me, and thats why I started it - Seems like a great way
to work on your headlines, while trying to get noticed through all the fluff.

Leave it to me, to kick butt.

So the stats after one day is...

Traffic Swarm: 6 - I put it so only 20 points are used a day.
Traffic-Engine: 0 - But I have some 500 points.
Business World: ? - Not sure, becouse I never added tracking to my links I estimated
3 clicks. That will go up, as I draw readers in faster, and better.

So whats the plan Ry-yan?

1) sleep - Its nearing 6am.
2) do a rain dance tommorow, I want it to rain till tuesday.
3) Work more on my sites, back-end code - I am adding a tool box,
just a simple variation, a re-organization of the software.
4) prepare a mailing for monday.

5) after that i want to do the videos,
6) and then one software review,
7) and after words, finish up 4 articles.

8) implement my multimedia e-zine,

9) finish up 4 sections of the site,

10) from there i just do the multimedia content.
around this time, I can start actually marketing. Though, I slowely
started making my presence felt. also arounf here, i shoul have a nice
round 20,000 hits or more per month.

between now and then, alot of changes will be re-targetting my content.

so far, since Aug. 5, friday the 13, was the sites best day - with 300ish visitors.

every other day, since aug.5 lay at 100 visitors per day. Except yesterday,
which is at 180ish.

So, conceptually, the 3 traffic generation type things, are seemingly working.

the next google indexing, I should get back to 300 or so visitors a day.

I hope the folks who got plumeted by hurricane charely, will do ok. The distructive
natural power - such is life. astrologers say the earth and all life will be destroyed
by an asteroid.

If not then the sun will swollow the earth in flame.

If not then, chances of a black hole sucking us, and the sun into the pit of the unknown,
are high. Humanity leads such a delicate game of constant denial.

Our very fabric of time and space, is attached to chaos theory, by strings. - in relative

we know, there must be a better, and a happier life; Rather then being enslaved
by what is only our own fears, and desires. I can almost imagine, a desire
is othing but the fear of mis-attention; maybe due to peers. Maybe due to lifes
little scares, and tears.

I wish I had more to give, then this.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Website Promotion Tools

When I put my website Live, about 5 months ago, I tried various traffic generators,
and Banner Ad Networks. I decide those were a complete waste of time,
so I dropped the services.

A few months after that, that site, which I was running on my home network,
got cut off, by my ADSL provider. I was shocked, and yadda yadda.

The site itself is back up, and I have a new found respect. I seemingly missed out
on all the changes that took place during those few months, that I was websiteless.

Also during those few months, my site seemingly lost the 10,000 visitors
it was getting from Search Engines alone, and it lost a few Search Engines.

Odd how technology, the internet, and the www users - Change so quickly.

Right now I am like piss poor - And I need visitors really badely, it is like
I have fight this battle to get my visitors back to my site, Plus I need the money, or I will
end up living on the street - The last time I did that, I was 17.

And who knows, what changes have taken place, when I have never did anything
like that in 15 Years. And the gracious almighty lord knows, It was something that,
I Never Wanted To Do Ever Again.

So I am trying new things. I am Trying Traffic Generation Networks.

I have heard, they are a waste of Time, but hey...
I have to find out on my own.

I started 2 of them yesterday, in fact only one seems Interesting. I also
signed up for a MailingList building safe list network. Though I have not
coded my "Multimedia E-Zine" yet.

I can't spend money right now, so I try to do everything myself, the problem is
while I do that, I do not really have the time to find a job - I am taking a huge

The risk is becouse, I found what I love to do.

The Traffic Building Services

If you ever had a website, you know how important traffic is - Visitors to your website,
make your world go round. Visitors are the most Important thing to a web site,

And I want more. Although the various techniques to get visitors, include articles, publishing,
ebooks, freebies, search engines, SEO targeting, as well as interaction.

I find I am over doing myself, I have way to much stuff to do. At this moment, I have to code
my mailing list - mailers, and a data base. I also have to develop some videos, and other
media content, Articles and the E-Zine.

I am a coder though, so the videos have gotten me set back - becouse I seek perfection
in doing them, so they communicate what I wish to show, teach, and develop perfectly.

Multimedia is about the message. I have 3 videos under production, right now - I am
not satisified with them, so I begin again, and I begin again. At some point, I will be like
awe screw it, and then release the videos.

But for the time being, I seek...
Fairly automated traffic generators.

I found two things, although I cannot really tell yet if these services actually
Drive Visitors to your site. I will report on that later:

  • TrafficSwarm: TraffiSwarm, is a ad exchange network, that utilizes text ads. You are advertising your web site(s), to other members, usually, on your browsers start
    page. TrafficSwarm seems interesting, they have a credit lottery, and some boxes to put on your site, that pays credits.

  • Business World List: With Business World List, you can
    promote your Ad and Website via there Mailing List members. This is the most interesting one of the two. I sent
    my first message today, to the free memebers 200 addresses.

Quite interesting. In a few days I will send an article to list. Of course, I only found more stuff to do.
It more about learning, and testing things though. And really...

This is no little thing I am working on, This,
is a complete change of life, a new career, and This, is building
new oppertunities, a new focus, and This, is taking me to new levels,
by doing what I always wanted to do.

It will work out.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Software Downloads At Free Software Website

This is my third Installment, on Monetizing your Blog.

This session will deal with Free Software. I have two affiliate programs for you
to add to your Blog, or web site; Each program is off varying interests, and from a
customer prosepctive, both programs - are very valuable -

In terms of saving time, and providing content.

A person whom is using a blog as a form of Marketing, and Advertising medium, the two
sites below - Are a Blog Marketers Dream - But are also very useful, for a webmasters
use - and - sheese, damn useful for list building.

Free Software Website

This site, allows Software Downloads At Free Software Website.

The content the site carries, are Software, and Ebooks. A small one time fee,
of $29.95, will get you access to an awesome amount of 100's
of software, and ebooks.

If you are in the Internet Marketing industry, those ebooks, and that software can
be used to generate opt-in leads, as you can give the ebooks and software,
away for Free!.

All that software, and some income, and lead generating ebooks,
are available at one place - All the time - for life!

That is just an awesome deal. Sign-up as a Free Software Website - Affiliate, and post
links on your site, to start generating a 50% commision per sale.

Or, to access the software, ebool resources - get a membership at the Free Software Website - Only then can you have all the ebooks, and the software in
one place -

To Give away to your visitors, to generate list leads, and to Download for your own use!

On to the next oppertunity to monetize your site...

CGI Connection

CGI Connection
is a webmasters dream. The free software here is internet enabled,
through CGI. CGI is an acronym for Common Gateway Interface - Examples of
CGI technology includes:


The technology it self, allows Dynamic and Interactive, and Intelligent
websites. Here is a small sample of the server side software, CGI Connection provides:

  • Media Scooper: Add live steaming RSS news feeds to your site, and keep your visitors
    coming back - Awesome!

  • Message Board Finder: Message boards are a prime target to market your skills,
    and your products on. Build your Name and brand, and skill set easily and quickly, with this
    CGI connection software, that allows the more popular marketing message boards to be access
    in one place.

  • Multimedia Streamer: Make your audio and viseo clips play instantly, with out
    your visitors download them - No more big waiting game, for multimedia content.

And more. For a high tech, service providing, draw your visitors in, type webmaster - CGI Connection, is the software resource.

For affiliates, CGI Connection, offers 50% of
all sales.

Your Choice

Two Affiliate programs, each offering usuable, and valuable products - And -
Each offering 50 Percent Commission.

Monetize your blog, monetize your web site - Word!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Since I am on the topic of Internet Marketing for Blogs,
I need to mention one Business Oppertunity, and Affiliate Marketing
Oppertunity, and well, actually, A Founders Oppertunity as well.

All those oppertunities are rolled into one, free to join, online
community, called Co-0pWorld.

First, let me attempt to explain why this Co-0pWorld global community and search locally, oppertunity is important
in the up and coming years.

The Advent of an Energy Crisis

In the future, I see an emerging energy crisis, based on the
production of Oil - Or lack there of. I am not the only person that
see's this energy crisis taking place - Infact, the car industries
push on creating new energy sources, for your transportation;

Is based on that idea of a global oil crisis. Of course, the Mobile
Industry, is putting thier odds on Hydrogen as a transportation
energy source.

I have heard that Hydrogen Powered Cars is a fairy tale, as it
costs more to produce, then it does to power.

Without transportation, the business sectors have to re-organize
into the Local Community - Including Co-operation.

Globalization, if there is an energy crisis - Will fail.

The Co-0pWorld presents one aspect on the future, of this
Localization, of the Global Industries and Business -
Not to mention the charities, the kids, parents; The People.

When I first bumped into Co-0pWorld, I intially thought
it would be perfect for displaying cultural properties of
continents, countries, cities, and towns.

I figured a main idea would be to support local artists, creators,
and music makers - Ideally it could spead local culture world wide,
in a very small amount of time.

But now, I have another idea - If the Co-0pWorld site works, and
it brings comunities togther, neighborhoods made into teams,
and all members benefit from this.

Then I think, an energy crisis - will not be so bad, If It Happens.

I kinda see Co-0pWorld site, as a test for that.

If it works, then Yahoooo! If not, then I suppose a global community, attached at the root - The root being the local community, can be flushed down the toilet.

There is a problem with that

We see industries, and coporations going global - But the People,
Even you are being left behind. I do see Co-0pWorld, as not only
an adventure, but as a fundamental resource, in the age
of globalism.

I think globalism could be a good thing, if a community, and
(wo)man, that is one of the strong sectors I saw with in Co-0pWorld.

Well, that and the money making oppertunity.

I honestly do not think, Co-op World is a scam - But it is free
to join, and free to check out the member information.

I'm Like "Comeon People! lets take this to the Limits!", only
then will we see what other business, and social oppertunities
will develop from an idea like Co-0pWorld.

CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork

I noticed a while back, a couple of blog post about making money with your blog.
Ultimately, the consensus of the blog posts I personally read, were:

  • Google Adwords: Display Google AdWords

  • Amazon Books: Display Ads for Amazon.com books as they relate to the content of
    your blog.

Of course, today - Actually a few minutes ago, I ran into a post on a marketing forumn -
About a new advertising network called
CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork.

The consensus this time is generally regarding the CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork, as a New Internet Revolution.

Its a viral advertising network, that uses Click Bank products, for advertising in a 6 Level advertising
network, across how ever many thousands of web sites.

It seems interesting to checkout - So check it out right now, while
the service is still young, and to add it to your blog, or web site.

I too know how hard it can be with a popular website, and if you have
downloads, audio, and video - the band width goes like a crazy party night,
in the dim moon light.

Gotta pay for it some how, and that is one main aspect to the CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork.

Not to mention, in a given ad that your click bank ID is associated with, can be displayed from
a 1,000 times per day, to a whooping 405,000 Ads.

Did I say that right? 405 Thousand times.

Thats a money maker, but we will have to see if it becomes A Money Maker Revolution.

Join Right Now as the Pot is Still Prime, Hot and Fresh.

=> CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

About absinthe in New Orleans

Absinthe, an old alcoholic drink, made by distilling Wormwood,
in Vodka, or Everclear varients - as well as flavouring agents;
Anis, for example.

Interesting history:
About absinthe in New Orleans

I was always interested in visiting, or living in New Orleans - The food,
the drink, the Mardi Gras, and the old French Quarter.

I found out about Absinthe, about 4 months ago, while watching Rant TV,
on winamp. Although I am not big on drinking, and getting drunk, I do
like to try new things.

In the 18, and early 19 hundreds, Absinthe seemed quite popular among
writers, and poets - and occult "magi".

It turns out, that the Absinthe ingredient, wormwood, is poison, if
Absinthe is not made correctly, with quality Wormwood. Though,
I wonder why creative folks, like Poets,
would drink it, and that is one aspect that interests me.

Interesting to try Absinthe. At the same time, I also want to try
making Wine, and Beer - To play around with the flavours.

As I (was) am a Chef, The mixing of various flavours, and partial health
benefits, interest me more then the effects - As a creative person,
the effects also interest me.

The aspects of herbalism, also interest me - but, I cannot say that
I am trained in that, becouse I am not.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Not Every One is a Scammer?

"Dear Friend"

Have you ever heard that before?

Everytime I hear that, I think
"man...What BS"

I have a few things to say, about Internet Marketing.

These IM suckers, protect each OTHER - And they have the nerve to,
Complain about being put into the same group of SCAMMERs.

There is something wrong with that -
I have to to see one IM list names, on thier web site,

The Group THEY hate to be associated with. It is obvious
one of these IM know exactly, who are the scam artists, don't they?

Could they educate US about it?

I tell ya, that is a fairly valuable, education.

To me, its like a person know he/she are full of BS,
Its like, they Act like they are all hurt - waaa,
you put me in the same catagory, and then they complain.

BUT!! I do not see them doing ANYTHING Else, to change Peoples Minds.

Pretty darn weird. If some person told you:

"Your a Scammer!"

Would you say:

"huh? what the hell are you talking about?"
"No, I am not."

or, would you

"blah blah, bitch and complain."

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Exciting times, once again

In the months of December and November 2003, I got this idea
for a website. I began to develop it back, but only now
is the site starting to come togther.

I figured I was so smart, that I could start the site for free,
minus the funds I would be paying already.

So I hosted the site on my home system, through an adsl link,
after 5 or so months, the adsl company decided to block all
web services.

I suffered, I was depressed, I was devistated, for a few days.

Not knowing what to do, becouse what seemed to be at the time,
my livelyhood had disappeared.

Until today...

Turns out I was not so smart after all,
but I darned happy that my site is back on line -

Exciting, Inticing times, once again -
Thank oh mighty cyber god of knowledge!

The first blog message

Isn't this interesting,

Here I am un-decided about what my blog should be about,
Or should it simply be about anything and everything
I always thought blogging was over rated, especially in terms
of me actually doing it. Though I wanted to try blogging for a while,
I always felt the blogger world would do better if a person with
some journalistic skills would take my place.

That might be me, in relation to practice, and time.

Since I signed up for my own blog - The Multimedia Voices,
ever so quitely chatter away in the background of reality. The
unescaped notion, that "hey, I have always had a media dream".

Meanwhile, I ponder my blogging content - And boiled it down to a thick syrup of juicey things:

  • Creative Writing: I want to create with my blog, for no other reason but to.

  • Personal Commentary: News and Views Commentary and Opinion.

There are other major textual content pieces I will add. The content is not stricly multimedia information based, as I have
many other concerns.

Until then, this is my first blog message. Its like an anchor between the conceptual, and reality. One might think "I should
write about important things",

On the sideline there is the background thought - So what
is important to me? everything.