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Friday, August 27, 2004

10 days to a Grand - Day 10

Day Ten, the last day.

The Challenge Is done. I never got close to the 1,000 visitors a day
that I planned - But to, I never got finished the code I was doing, for
extra visitor power:

"The Cash In on Linking to my site", is so you can
Make Money by Linking to me.

Its almost finished, just need to write some new code. I hope it flies,
becouse it is not every day that you can grab a link, and post it, and
make money through Pay per Click Adverts, on a site that is not even yours.

So far, you can login, grab links, set your affiliate IDs, and start linking to me.

The next thing to do is enable the embedded ID system, but, i have a plumber
coming today to fix the water heater - and - all my systems are moved away
from the wall - in a real disorganized fashion.

So i'll getting the payment stuff started, as soon as the guy is out of here.

Who know how long that will be, but... Hopefully soon.

Now... The Last day of Visitor Challenge, here are the stats, though
about 10 hours late:

Finished stats of the Visitor Challenge

As you can see, the visitation of my site, went up to abut 250 visitors a day,
When I was looking for 1,000 - (or at least 500 ) visitors per day.

I am half way to the 500, but not even close to the 1,000. But...

On the next visit of search engines, I have more links coming into the site -
From exchanging links, plus I have some important links - Going out.

I also have listings in more search engines. Mind you, that won't take effect for
4 months.

And... Now, you can link to almost every page on my site, and make cash
on PPC Ads. The more people you send, the more clicks you will get.

That shoul get me 1,000 visitros a day, becouse its easy money. Just sign-up,
provide some Affiliate IDs, grab a link from the bottom of the sites pages,
paste it some high voloume place, and get clicks.

Easy. Quick.


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