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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

10 to a 1000 Vistors - Day 8

Day 8, of the 10 days to a thousand visitor challenge.

I am failing - My visitors only went up a 100.

So, a recap:

On aug. 17 I began a quest, to achieve 1000 visitors a day in ten days -
From 100 visitors to 1000 visitors.

From the log on that post, I was only recieiving 103 visitors per day, on average.

On this day, the screen shot I took only a few minutes ago, I am only recieving
+100 visitors, to make it 200 visitors per day.

I actually worked a Blues festival this weekend, a ten hour a day ordial, so
I never really had much time to implement, the features I was going to implement.

So! The challenge is now, to get 800 more visitors a day, in 2 days. so, I will
implement one or two features tonight, and start to focus.

The rush is on...
Can he do it?

doubtful, but whatever...
The ten days are not up yet! 2 days left...


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