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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

About absinthe in New Orleans

Absinthe, an old alcoholic drink, made by distilling Wormwood,
in Vodka, or Everclear varients - as well as flavouring agents;
Anis, for example.

Interesting history:
About absinthe in New Orleans

I was always interested in visiting, or living in New Orleans - The food,
the drink, the Mardi Gras, and the old French Quarter.

I found out about Absinthe, about 4 months ago, while watching Rant TV,
on winamp. Although I am not big on drinking, and getting drunk, I do
like to try new things.

In the 18, and early 19 hundreds, Absinthe seemed quite popular among
writers, and poets - and occult "magi".

It turns out, that the Absinthe ingredient, wormwood, is poison, if
Absinthe is not made correctly, with quality Wormwood. Though,
I wonder why creative folks, like Poets,
would drink it, and that is one aspect that interests me.

Interesting to try Absinthe. At the same time, I also want to try
making Wine, and Beer - To play around with the flavours.

As I (was) am a Chef, The mixing of various flavours, and partial health
benefits, interest me more then the effects - As a creative person,
the effects also interest me.

The aspects of herbalism, also interest me - but, I cannot say that
I am trained in that, becouse I am not.


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