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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork

I noticed a while back, a couple of blog post about making money with your blog.
Ultimately, the consensus of the blog posts I personally read, were:

  • Google Adwords: Display Google AdWords

  • Amazon Books: Display Ads for Amazon.com books as they relate to the content of
    your blog.

Of course, today - Actually a few minutes ago, I ran into a post on a marketing forumn -
About a new advertising network called
CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork.

The consensus this time is generally regarding the CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork, as a New Internet Revolution.

Its a viral advertising network, that uses Click Bank products, for advertising in a 6 Level advertising
network, across how ever many thousands of web sites.

It seems interesting to checkout - So check it out right now, while
the service is still young, and to add it to your blog, or web site.

I too know how hard it can be with a popular website, and if you have
downloads, audio, and video - the band width goes like a crazy party night,
in the dim moon light.

Gotta pay for it some how, and that is one main aspect to the CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork.

Not to mention, in a given ad that your click bank ID is associated with, can be displayed from
a 1,000 times per day, to a whooping 405,000 Ads.

Did I say that right? 405 Thousand times.

Thats a money maker, but we will have to see if it becomes A Money Maker Revolution.

Join Right Now as the Pot is Still Prime, Hot and Fresh.

=> CBClicks.com Internet Viral AdNetwork


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