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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Since I am on the topic of Internet Marketing for Blogs,
I need to mention one Business Oppertunity, and Affiliate Marketing
Oppertunity, and well, actually, A Founders Oppertunity as well.

All those oppertunities are rolled into one, free to join, online
community, called Co-0pWorld.

First, let me attempt to explain why this Co-0pWorld global community and search locally, oppertunity is important
in the up and coming years.

The Advent of an Energy Crisis

In the future, I see an emerging energy crisis, based on the
production of Oil - Or lack there of. I am not the only person that
see's this energy crisis taking place - Infact, the car industries
push on creating new energy sources, for your transportation;

Is based on that idea of a global oil crisis. Of course, the Mobile
Industry, is putting thier odds on Hydrogen as a transportation
energy source.

I have heard that Hydrogen Powered Cars is a fairy tale, as it
costs more to produce, then it does to power.

Without transportation, the business sectors have to re-organize
into the Local Community - Including Co-operation.

Globalization, if there is an energy crisis - Will fail.

The Co-0pWorld presents one aspect on the future, of this
Localization, of the Global Industries and Business -
Not to mention the charities, the kids, parents; The People.

When I first bumped into Co-0pWorld, I intially thought
it would be perfect for displaying cultural properties of
continents, countries, cities, and towns.

I figured a main idea would be to support local artists, creators,
and music makers - Ideally it could spead local culture world wide,
in a very small amount of time.

But now, I have another idea - If the Co-0pWorld site works, and
it brings comunities togther, neighborhoods made into teams,
and all members benefit from this.

Then I think, an energy crisis - will not be so bad, If It Happens.

I kinda see Co-0pWorld site, as a test for that.

If it works, then Yahoooo! If not, then I suppose a global community, attached at the root - The root being the local community, can be flushed down the toilet.

There is a problem with that

We see industries, and coporations going global - But the People,
Even you are being left behind. I do see Co-0pWorld, as not only
an adventure, but as a fundamental resource, in the age
of globalism.

I think globalism could be a good thing, if a community, and
(wo)man, that is one of the strong sectors I saw with in Co-0pWorld.

Well, that and the money making oppertunity.

I honestly do not think, Co-op World is a scam - But it is free
to join, and free to check out the member information.

I'm Like "Comeon People! lets take this to the Limits!", only
then will we see what other business, and social oppertunities
will develop from an idea like Co-0pWorld.


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