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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Exciting times, once again

In the months of December and November 2003, I got this idea
for a website. I began to develop it back, but only now
is the site starting to come togther.

I figured I was so smart, that I could start the site for free,
minus the funds I would be paying already.

So I hosted the site on my home system, through an adsl link,
after 5 or so months, the adsl company decided to block all
web services.

I suffered, I was depressed, I was devistated, for a few days.

Not knowing what to do, becouse what seemed to be at the time,
my livelyhood had disappeared.

Until today...

Turns out I was not so smart after all,
but I darned happy that my site is back on line -

Exciting, Inticing times, once again -
Thank oh mighty cyber god of knowledge!


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