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Monday, August 30, 2004

Link to my Site - and - Make some Money

I started my first servce - It is rather interesting, and has what I consider
to be, a large amount of potentiol - Becouse, it is the person linking,
who makes full commissions - through thier affiliate program ID,
of Various High Paying Affiliate Programs!

The person would be stupid to not sign up, and put a special link,
in various places - Truth be Known - These, Mostly Pay Per click
Advertisements, are displayed, on 90 percent of my web sites pages -

You can link to almost any page, easily - By using the Anchored URL
at the Bottom of, again, almost every page.

Sign up, Get Affiliate IDs, Copy and paste man, that is how easy it is.

Link to my site - to Cash In

On A Side Note: Traffic

Since my personal Traffic Challenge Ended, I have been receiving a steady,
and I mean a very stready increase in visitors.

10 Days was not enough time - Let me explain, It takes at least a week
to catch a couple links into your site... The webmasters might be
busy, they might be away.

So a week or longer, is good timing practice for exchanging 2, mayne 3

It has been a short while ago, that my trafic challenge ended - and, I
am just now starting to get those visitors. Heres a graph that demostrates
what I mean:

Traffic Graph Increasing

Looking at the Graph, it shows a steady increase towards 500 visitors
a day. This is where the truth comes in, you cannot get a 1,000 visitors
a day - for free - in 10 days.

It will take 1 month, at least. Traffic is not Exponential like many
people think - It is Incermental.

Why? Becouse there exists zero probabilities, that visitors will always
click on a your link - that you will always get x amount of visitors
from one link, in a day.

The only thing you can depend on, is 1 visitor from the total of all your
incoming links.

I never used TrafficSwarm during the increase in traffic, that you saw in the above

But, I got a sweet idea - assuming the TrafficSwarm folks allow me to do this...

I am going to use the TrafficSwarm traffic generator to promote my "Link to my site - to Cash In..."

And that is the idea. I know your are hinking "Great Idea... But... Those people
Want traffic, they do not want to give Traffic, do they?"

Well, of course not. But, I have a plan. You see that whole 'cash_in' section
is dedicated to traffic - the more traffic they send me, the more money they will
make - especially, during my future code edits, and additions to the service.

I have this huge idea planned. Which I will let tell you about later on.

The whole point is - I am utilizing media - partially for traffic results - and
i'm gonna show you how big it can get.

till next time, have fun.


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