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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Not Every One is a Scammer?

"Dear Friend"

Have you ever heard that before?

Everytime I hear that, I think
"man...What BS"

I have a few things to say, about Internet Marketing.

These IM suckers, protect each OTHER - And they have the nerve to,
Complain about being put into the same group of SCAMMERs.

There is something wrong with that -
I have to to see one IM list names, on thier web site,

The Group THEY hate to be associated with. It is obvious
one of these IM know exactly, who are the scam artists, don't they?

Could they educate US about it?

I tell ya, that is a fairly valuable, education.

To me, its like a person know he/she are full of BS,
Its like, they Act like they are all hurt - waaa,
you put me in the same catagory, and then they complain.

BUT!! I do not see them doing ANYTHING Else, to change Peoples Minds.

Pretty darn weird. If some person told you:

"Your a Scammer!"

Would you say:

"huh? what the hell are you talking about?"
"No, I am not."

or, would you

"blah blah, bitch and complain."


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