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Monday, August 16, 2004

Quest for Visitors - The challenge... 10 days to a thousand

A friend of mine, recently mailed to his list, stating I got 10,000 visitors per day. I never, ever said 10,000 per day, but, it was a mistake.

It seemed to me like a little challenge was offered, becouse I gather he is the one getting 10,000 hits a day. And well, probally just mixed up zeros.

I thought it was a huge deal, I was getting ready to bitch at him "hey! thats not true - I said per 10,000 / month!". Of course, if you ever watch anime ( Love Hina on winamp? ), the moral of the story is - If I can get the 10,000 visitors a day,
in the near future - Its still truthful.

You know the deal - Mistake or not, I just want it to be truthful.

I see it as my responsibility to make the that 10,000 a day true - But. I need a few months for that, so. I am going to do it incrementally - Algorithmicly.

Haidon is a good friend of mine, and in an odd sense, he is right. I should be getting that amount.

So heres the deal - Google was just re-indexing my site, over the last 5 to 6 days. So, perfect - That means I get a chance, to implement some stuff, before Google comes back.

And lord knows, I love a challenge.

So, first off - I'll be going for 1,000 visitors a day - I have about 10 days to do it.

The site was offline, for 2 months or so, which means, I lost some of my beautiful visitors, it went to down to 100
a day, from 300ish a day.

That means, I have to go from 100/day, to 1000/day. In this 10 days that I do have. Then after that, I have to jump a zero to 10,000/day. What I am talking about is not counting hits, or page views. But visitors...
Real, and lovely visitors.

Some Info:

- Sites Been offline from June 17/2004, to Aug 5/2004. Thats about 2 months, minus 12 days. 2 months that zero Search Engines, or Visitors could reach my site.

Here is the summary of my logs, Screen Shot taken just a few minutes ago, with the important information circled - You see it is ~100 visitors per day.

Summery of log File

The quest is to change that, to 1,000 per day - I start on Aug, 17 at Midnight. I will start a new log file, at midnight tonight, and that log file will only last 10 days, from the 17, to the 27 of Aug.

I say I will zip from a 100/day, to 1000/day - Not including Google, since google index my site before this
little challenge. This does Not include my page testing, or cache building,

And to show, none of my servers are in the log files, heres a screen shot of the crucial part of my Webserver Conf file - The Marked for Filtering out configuration:

Dont Log Webserver Configuration Screen Shot

As you can see, even some directories are marked for filtering from the log files.

And that conf file is for this host:

Virtual Host Configuration Screen Shot

I have about 20 minutes left, before my challenge begins. Every day, at midnight, I will post a blog message. With a screeshot, like the one above of the log stats for viewing. On the tenth day, you can view the log stats freely.

Two things can happen from this:

1) I can fly, and hit or surpass my goal.
2) I can fail miserably, lose a lot of visitors, and see in the number
crumble to a big fat 10/day.

Two is not an option as far as I am concerned - I aim to surpass my goal.

Will Ryan make the 1,000 visitors, from a 100 in 10 days?

What do you think he will happen?

Do you want to compete in the 1,000 to 10,000 in 20 days - visitor challenge?


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