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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Software Downloads At Free Software Website

This is my third Installment, on Monetizing your Blog.

This session will deal with Free Software. I have two affiliate programs for you
to add to your Blog, or web site; Each program is off varying interests, and from a
customer prosepctive, both programs - are very valuable -

In terms of saving time, and providing content.

A person whom is using a blog as a form of Marketing, and Advertising medium, the two
sites below - Are a Blog Marketers Dream - But are also very useful, for a webmasters
use - and - sheese, damn useful for list building.

Free Software Website

This site, allows Software Downloads At Free Software Website.

The content the site carries, are Software, and Ebooks. A small one time fee,
of $29.95, will get you access to an awesome amount of 100's
of software, and ebooks.

If you are in the Internet Marketing industry, those ebooks, and that software can
be used to generate opt-in leads, as you can give the ebooks and software,
away for Free!.

All that software, and some income, and lead generating ebooks,
are available at one place - All the time - for life!

That is just an awesome deal. Sign-up as a Free Software Website - Affiliate, and post
links on your site, to start generating a 50% commision per sale.

Or, to access the software, ebool resources - get a membership at the Free Software Website - Only then can you have all the ebooks, and the software in
one place -

To Give away to your visitors, to generate list leads, and to Download for your own use!

On to the next oppertunity to monetize your site...

CGI Connection

CGI Connection
is a webmasters dream. The free software here is internet enabled,
through CGI. CGI is an acronym for Common Gateway Interface - Examples of
CGI technology includes:


The technology it self, allows Dynamic and Interactive, and Intelligent
websites. Here is a small sample of the server side software, CGI Connection provides:

  • Media Scooper: Add live steaming RSS news feeds to your site, and keep your visitors
    coming back - Awesome!

  • Message Board Finder: Message boards are a prime target to market your skills,
    and your products on. Build your Name and brand, and skill set easily and quickly, with this
    CGI connection software, that allows the more popular marketing message boards to be access
    in one place.

  • Multimedia Streamer: Make your audio and viseo clips play instantly, with out
    your visitors download them - No more big waiting game, for multimedia content.

And more. For a high tech, service providing, draw your visitors in, type webmaster - CGI Connection, is the software resource.

For affiliates, CGI Connection, offers 50% of
all sales.

Your Choice

Two Affiliate programs, each offering usuable, and valuable products - And -
Each offering 50 Percent Commission.

Monetize your blog, monetize your web site - Word!


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