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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The third traffic generator - recap

The third traffic gereator, I neglected to mention in my last entry,
was traffic-engine.net. What is interesting
about traffic-engine.net, is it is automated,
the pages automaticly change every 24 secons or so, and ou automaticly get credited
one point, for each site you view.

The automation seemingly last about 15 minutes, and then quits. You can generate
traffic to your site, while reading your morning email - and checking to see if there is an
interesting, or competitve site in the browser.

turns out a person cannot leave it auto runing for very long,
becouse of stupid pop-ups, and modal window crap.

Earlier today I was searching through Traffic Swarm, I wanted to see which sites were using the traffic generator, that would directly compete with me.

I found two competing sites, that I never heard of - It looks like they are brand new websites, and thus it means I gotta get creating.

I decided I want to post to my free Business World Safe List, every 2-3 days. Which
is totally new to me, and thats why I started it - Seems like a great way
to work on your headlines, while trying to get noticed through all the fluff.

Leave it to me, to kick butt.

So the stats after one day is...

Traffic Swarm: 6 - I put it so only 20 points are used a day.
Traffic-Engine: 0 - But I have some 500 points.
Business World: ? - Not sure, becouse I never added tracking to my links I estimated
3 clicks. That will go up, as I draw readers in faster, and better.

So whats the plan Ry-yan?

1) sleep - Its nearing 6am.
2) do a rain dance tommorow, I want it to rain till tuesday.
3) Work more on my sites, back-end code - I am adding a tool box,
just a simple variation, a re-organization of the software.
4) prepare a mailing for monday.

5) after that i want to do the videos,
6) and then one software review,
7) and after words, finish up 4 articles.

8) implement my multimedia e-zine,

9) finish up 4 sections of the site,

10) from there i just do the multimedia content.
around this time, I can start actually marketing. Though, I slowely
started making my presence felt. also arounf here, i shoul have a nice
round 20,000 hits or more per month.

between now and then, alot of changes will be re-targetting my content.

so far, since Aug. 5, friday the 13, was the sites best day - with 300ish visitors.

every other day, since aug.5 lay at 100 visitors per day. Except yesterday,
which is at 180ish.

So, conceptually, the 3 traffic generation type things, are seemingly working.

the next google indexing, I should get back to 300 or so visitors a day.

I hope the folks who got plumeted by hurricane charely, will do ok. The distructive
natural power - such is life. astrologers say the earth and all life will be destroyed
by an asteroid.

If not then the sun will swollow the earth in flame.

If not then, chances of a black hole sucking us, and the sun into the pit of the unknown,
are high. Humanity leads such a delicate game of constant denial.

Our very fabric of time and space, is attached to chaos theory, by strings. - in relative

we know, there must be a better, and a happier life; Rather then being enslaved
by what is only our own fears, and desires. I can almost imagine, a desire
is othing but the fear of mis-attention; maybe due to peers. Maybe due to lifes
little scares, and tears.

I wish I had more to give, then this.


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