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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Tonight Is One of those nights, where a little happening,
makes you ponder the world, to get lost in thought - Like
I do a lot.

Ponder life, and all the nooks and crannies, the cracks,
and stairways, and the locked doors.

What happened to bring to this?

Well, I've been happy doing what I love, liiving life fairly freely,
and under my own terms - Sort of.

I went to the store to get some juice, just a mormal occurance,
but in the back alley, there was a girl - she was sick, crouched over,
and seemingly in pain -

I stopped, went up to her, and asked her "are you ok?", "whats a matter?"
she said "I am sick"...

So I went in, picked up my juice, and bought her some bottled water, went back
and there was a vulture standing over her. I gave her, her water, talked a bit
with the vulture smiling and saying "she might die", "she might die"...

Like he was excited, with a smile.

Personally, I want to analyze the situation before I try to scare away vultures,
standing over thier dying-ill-sick prey - My only concern was her, but vultures
abusing women make me angry, to the point where I could get violent - If needed.

Instead I just ignored him.
I asked if she was going to be ok, she said she was.

And I went home, pondering "how else can I help her"... I felt way
to worried, and I still am worried, about leaving her with the vulture.

I think she overdosed on some Narcotic - After talking to her for a few minutes,
I went home. Sat down and got to thinking about lifes little twists.

I felt she was not going to die, maybe only puke her guts out - But, I never told her that.

So I decided to walk back, call her a cab, and then take her to the emergancy ward,
and then while there, give her alittle money for lunch, and bus fare after she has healed
a little.

And to tell her, "you are not going to die, but now you have a few choices to make,
for your own life, your happiness, and your future - A few choices, only for you."

That was about 10 minutes later, I got there and she, and the vulture were gone.

Now, I just hope she is all right. Lots of people pass by there, all times of day -
So, what I hope is - Someone took her to the emergency ward -

The problem is, I do not like getting involved with other peoples life, to often.
But, this girl was young, but strong - and I wanted to help her, becouse I sensed, she
had other choices.

I like to let people make thier own choices, although I may say, or write - In such a way,
as to present something the represents a choice.

The Girl and the Vulture though, are one of these little life interactions, between
people, for no other reason but to stop, and to indirectly say, "the world cares for you",
"I care for you".

I wish I helped more. I pray, in my own way, that she is is ok.


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