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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Website Promotion Tools

When I put my website Live, about 5 months ago, I tried various traffic generators,
and Banner Ad Networks. I decide those were a complete waste of time,
so I dropped the services.

A few months after that, that site, which I was running on my home network,
got cut off, by my ADSL provider. I was shocked, and yadda yadda.

The site itself is back up, and I have a new found respect. I seemingly missed out
on all the changes that took place during those few months, that I was websiteless.

Also during those few months, my site seemingly lost the 10,000 visitors
it was getting from Search Engines alone, and it lost a few Search Engines.

Odd how technology, the internet, and the www users - Change so quickly.

Right now I am like piss poor - And I need visitors really badely, it is like
I have fight this battle to get my visitors back to my site, Plus I need the money, or I will
end up living on the street - The last time I did that, I was 17.

And who knows, what changes have taken place, when I have never did anything
like that in 15 Years. And the gracious almighty lord knows, It was something that,
I Never Wanted To Do Ever Again.

So I am trying new things. I am Trying Traffic Generation Networks.

I have heard, they are a waste of Time, but hey...
I have to find out on my own.

I started 2 of them yesterday, in fact only one seems Interesting. I also
signed up for a MailingList building safe list network. Though I have not
coded my "Multimedia E-Zine" yet.

I can't spend money right now, so I try to do everything myself, the problem is
while I do that, I do not really have the time to find a job - I am taking a huge

The risk is becouse, I found what I love to do.

The Traffic Building Services

If you ever had a website, you know how important traffic is - Visitors to your website,
make your world go round. Visitors are the most Important thing to a web site,

And I want more. Although the various techniques to get visitors, include articles, publishing,
ebooks, freebies, search engines, SEO targeting, as well as interaction.

I find I am over doing myself, I have way to much stuff to do. At this moment, I have to code
my mailing list - mailers, and a data base. I also have to develop some videos, and other
media content, Articles and the E-Zine.

I am a coder though, so the videos have gotten me set back - becouse I seek perfection
in doing them, so they communicate what I wish to show, teach, and develop perfectly.

Multimedia is about the message. I have 3 videos under production, right now - I am
not satisified with them, so I begin again, and I begin again. At some point, I will be like
awe screw it, and then release the videos.

But for the time being, I seek...
Fairly automated traffic generators.

I found two things, although I cannot really tell yet if these services actually
Drive Visitors to your site. I will report on that later:

  • TrafficSwarm: TraffiSwarm, is a ad exchange network, that utilizes text ads. You are advertising your web site(s), to other members, usually, on your browsers start
    page. TrafficSwarm seems interesting, they have a credit lottery, and some boxes to put on your site, that pays credits.

  • Business World List: With Business World List, you can
    promote your Ad and Website via there Mailing List members. This is the most interesting one of the two. I sent
    my first message today, to the free memebers 200 addresses.

Quite interesting. In a few days I will send an article to list. Of course, I only found more stuff to do.
It more about learning, and testing things though. And really...

This is no little thing I am working on, This,
is a complete change of life, a new career, and This, is building
new oppertunities, a new focus, and This, is taking me to new levels,
by doing what I always wanted to do.

It will work out.


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