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Thursday, September 09, 2004

My Recommendation to Traffic, SEO, and Internet Experts

I recommend experts of all abilities to please...

Talk in terms of 'Visitors' - Not 'Hits', and Not 'Page Views', when
discussing Site Traffic.

Note: Sometimes Hits are actually Page Accessess (UK).

Yes, The numbers will be reduced, and the stats will not sound
so extraordinary. For example:

My current 23 day stats (becouse I have 7 days left, to make it 30 day stats):

Hits: 69,339
Page Views: 17,153
Visitors: 10,985

Now, If I used 'Hits' to talk in stat terms, well for one thing it would be utterly
meaningless, becouse it is the content that matters, and the visitors that matter;
Now how many hits it takes to load a page.

Note: Sometimes Hits are actually Page Accessess (UK).

The 'Page Views' can be used for some discussions - But look above,
my 'Page Views' are almost doubling the actual amount of 'visitors' I get to my

Note: Sometimes Hits are actually Page Accessess (UK).

Next month, I know my 'hits' will bounce over 100,000 - I know my 'page views'
will bounce over '24,000', and I know my 'visitors' will bounce to about '16,000'.

Becouse I have been working on getting more traffic for about 2 weeks, here and there.

Gosh, 6,000 of those 10,985 visitors came from Google alone, where did the other
4,000 visitors come from? Actually, the site only got 7,265 Unique Vistors.

So about 6,000 of those Unique Visitors came from Google Searchs, and the rest
came from some other source:

RSS Feeds, Links, Printed Pages, Traffic Generators, and Other Search Engines.

From the total Visitors minus the unique vistors, we know some 3,000 visitors,
checked out multiple pages on the site, and that alot of those 3,000 visitors,
came back.

A month ago (minus the 2 months the site was offline) - I would talk in hundreds of visitors.

But check it out... I can't do that anymore - I have to talk in thousands now.

Is it becouse of RSS Feeds?

No... I only submitted this Blog to 2 ATOM Feed Sites,
And the actual website RSS Feeds,
I only submitted to 5 RSS Feed sites.

Is it becouse of my new
Link to me - to Cash In

Are you Kidding me, that is so not working the way I thought it might work.

You know, I have no idea where, or why those 3,000 visitors came!
In my Referrer stats - It says, I have 4,624 visitors that have
'No Referrer'...

So, sheese do I have 4,624 visitors typing in the site URL Manually? Or What?
The rest of the Refering sites are totals that are less then 100 - much less.

I believe it is actually mostly consumer level firewalls, stripping off the Http 'Referrer'
header. These consumer level firewalls also probally strip out content, such
as banner ads, sky scraper ads, object code, and certain javascripts.

Some browsers allow the Referrer header to be changed, for instance the Opera Browser.

As far as I know only 2% of my visitors use Opera. And 70% of my visitors use Internet Explorer,
75% use various Windows O/S, which makes sense since I mostly use Windows Media Formats,
for the media.

9 People accessed my site with win32's. Win32's extend the 16-bit Windows 3.1, and 3.11
to various, but very few, 32 bit processing, and functions.

Netscape version 4 works on Win32's systems... Actually, I was suprised to see that in my log
file. 1 person was using BeOS - Interesting Operating System there.

3 People accessed through WebTV. 1 Person through WinCE - Which is the Mobile
version of Windows. But i do not remeber if its 16, or 32 bit.

Now, isn't it interesting how far the web is starting to reach?

Traffic needs to be dissected, into systems, wired/wireless, mobile, TV, country...

Visitors, now adays is not a good enough measure of traffic.

Note: Sometimes Hits are actually Page Accessess (UK).

Ladies, and Gentlemen, and Internet Technology Experts a like -
We gotta change our traffic measuring ways.

If your a webmaster, you of course already know this.

In my up and coming book about Traffic, SEO, Media,
I will tell you all about this - and more.

If you join my Link To Me - To Cash In service,
you will become my associate - An Multimedia Adventures Of A Man... Affiliate.

As my associate, I am going to teach you about traffic, media and other tips, tricks,
and techniques - becouse I want my affiliates to kick butt.

Of course, if you are sending lots of traffic to my site, I will probally give you a free product,
with probally a 50% discount on resell and redistribute rights;

or something similar - any ideas are welcome.


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