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Thursday, September 09, 2004

My super slow website

I have to say I am sorry, becouse my web site is so slow.

But please, I am trying the best I can, to speed it up - All it needs is a new web server and a T1 line.

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Yes, I run my web site completely at home, i have one server right now, but I also have two other machines
that I want to attach, and start serving content to the world.

I do not get this though - I read all these Internet Marketers newsletters, all hyped about
Blogs, and RSS feeds - I've had RSS Feeds on my site, for months

And I get thousands of visitors , and my visitors keep increasing - But, it seems it is not becouse of
the rss feeds. But becouse of the site - everything plays a key. I get that, however; I do not
get, how these marketers always make money.

At least that is what they claim.

They talk about tripled profits, and tripled list sibscribers, and tripled visitors.


I do not understand what my problem is, I know I really need to start making money.

Is it my super slow site?
I guess it might be. Folks claim to really like my content, my great articles, and insight.

My site is fairly monetised, but darn...
Its like I can't really make a buck at this. It is very distressing.

My visitors cannot even ask a question on the board...
So few even are able to email me.

Now, I know my site does not suck, it has alot of content to draw visitors from search engines.
Alot of the content offers a solution to things you cannot even find on the internet.

And I am sad, becouse I'll come and go, my site will die off, and i'll probally be...

Stuck in the winds of change. Like a typoon - when I want to be a tycoon.

odd it seems, internet dreams...

my site must be super slow.


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