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Thursday, September 09, 2004

What Does Multimedia Entail?

People might wonder why, I think this multimedia thing is so important?

Well, it is becouse Multimedia is about utilizing multiple media formats. to communicate
something - An Idea, A Myth, A Story, An Opinion.

Whatever a person wants to communicate, it is always best understood with multiple
medias combined in one flawless presentation.

Most Folks combine Audio/Visual formats, into one static Multimedia format - but...

That, is not the end of this technology, and technologies. Now adays Multimedia is
Digital - The web is Multimedia, and many different systems allow multimedia content.

Streaming, Static, Dynamic, Movies, Interactive - are all concepts of the multi-media.

Search Engines are a very Multi-media orientated technology. And to develop multi-media,
a person usually has to know how to code, as well as, know how to manipulate, create,
and edit:

Graphics, Text, Audio, and Video.

For various formats, including AM/FM Radio, Internet, Wireless and Various TV standards; PAL,

I figured, a few months back that Internet TV would hit it big - And I wished
and prayed that I would have enough funding to start my own InternetTV show...

I don't, but, who knows what the future will bring.

I also have other technologies, I wish to develop; Services, and Products - I am a
Multimedia Developing Techno Geek.

I want to be like Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam! Service after service - Having every multi-national,
multi-billion dollar entities utilizing my wares - 4 stong men transporting me to my media made
golden throne - "Hail Mr. Tames" - Childrens Stories about a Rags to Riches, multi-dimensional
character, that ended up carrying the world through his media - Becouse he followed his dream,
and becouse he was stubborn enough, to just not die, easily.

But, I suppose I am not meant for that, becouse it is quite exagerated.

But, it is this writting that is giving me ideas, my inner-dialog pouinding out
wording and speech - that i basicly just have to add visuals to, even then that
is already finished.

But the question is how..


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