a Multimedia guy

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The past...

About 15 years ago, I met this girl.

You know, I fell in love with her - But at that time, I had
alot going on in my life.

I still think I love that girl, I met in 1989. A month ago, I think
I ran into her, working at place I used to work at, for many years.

Now, I am not sure, her name was different, but too,
I also changed my name years and years ago. So, that
could be meaningless - really.

Anyway, currently I am waiting for an excuse to go to my
old job, and maybe she wil be there, and maybe we can talk.

And maybe, this lady, was that girl, I fell in love with, 15 years

Sunday, October 03, 2004

1: Multimedia Results

Been a while since I added to my blog -

Been coding various media/multimedia services.
The first, was my Link to me to cash in - Part of the problem,
was I moved it so it operated seperatly then the main site. So later on, I can
simply move it to another machine without much problem.

Ah - except bugs. I am pretty sure I have it all cleaned out now.

My addition to my associates/link to me to cash in program, is a pretty basic meta search
engine. 1: Multimedia Results.

Its a small metasearch engine, and its a ppc engine. I am curently adding various parsing
functions, so i can extend the results i get through xml feeds.

Had a interesting time. I imagine, this is the first search engine that pays affiliates per click,
or per most clicks, depending.

I of course want to extend it.

I'll add a new parser, or extension, everyday.

I love it, becouse I can finally point to my own results. So thats all cool.

Who knows where it will go.